Job Description

Job ID 343
Title Autosys Admin
Job Type Fulltime/Contract
Posted On February 26, 2019
Location Mississauga, ON
Experience Not Applicable
Positions 1

AutoSys admin (SME) skills:
- Install/update scheduler software (including fix/patches, SP, etc.) for AWA. WCC, EEM and the agents
- Manage AWA (scheduler) configuration (update config files as required)
- Manage WCC (GUI) configuration (update config files as required)
- Manage EEM (security) configuration (update policies as required)  
- Manage agent configuration (update agentparm as required)
- Troubleshoot components/services whenever necessary (AWA, WCC, EEM, agents) and resolve any incident related to AutoSys
- Provide 365, 24/7 support in order to deliver a stable scheduling environment to the client
- Create and maintain up-to-date documentation (architecture i.e. software version, servers, network, ports, DB, etc.)
- Assist development teams with job definitions (create/update/delete)
- Validate product end-of-life and compatibility matrix
- Backup definitions (jobs, VM, resources)
- Open support tickets with Computer Associates when required

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