Job Description

Job ID 359
Title MII Developer
Job Type Fulltime/Contract
Posted On May 27, 2019
Location Georgetown, ON
Experience Not Applicable
Positions 1

Key Technical / Quality Skill

Strong hands on working knowledge of SAP MII 15+ terminology (i.e. BLS / BLT, visualization services, data services, plant information catalogue, plant data hierarchy, etc.)

Strong working knowledge of SAP MII 15+ standard development tools (i.e. workbench, NWDI, CTS+, message listener, data services, shared memory variables, ERP-MII workflow configurations, etc.).

Strong working knowledge of existing pre-built integration functionality in SAP MII 15+ (i.e. OEE_INT, OEE_ERP, ERP-MII workflow components, etc.).

"Strong integration technology background:

o HTTP / WSDL / webservices integration (data source and destination).

o XML / XSLT development and field mapping (including some data transformations).

o B2MML integration standards and schemas.

o Integration with SAP MII 15+ standard technology (i.e. mapping standard content delivered from OEEINT via workflows).


Nice to have Skill

Development / enhancement of standard MII OEE dashboards (i.e. plant monitor, line monitor, operator dashboard, etc.).

Development / enhancement of standard MII KPI objects for OEE data capture and reporting.

Working with SAP technologies such as Plant Connectivity (PCo), digital manufacturing cloud insights (DMCi) and SAP Edge Services.

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