Job Description

Job ID 502
Title Lead Data Architect
Job Type Fulltime
Posted On July 9, 2020
Location Toronto, ON
Experience Not Applicable
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This full time role is with one of our clients:


What you’re good at

  • Collaborating with Product and Technology teams to craft data architecture that enables business and technology vision.

  • Understand complex data integrations and business information models

  • Big data environments and specifically developing large enterprise solutions with respect to volume, variety, velocity and veracity (the big-4)

  • Designing for both functional and non-functional qualities, including availability, resiliency, security, privacy, etc.

  • Assisting the business in the scoping and planning of upcoming initiatives and roadmap items

  • Participating in or leading in producing conceptual, solution, and component-level architectures and associated artifacts.

  • Reviewing, advising, and providing feedback on architectures produced within and outside the team

  • Developing reference architecture and reference implementation patterns

  • Mentoring and growing other technologists within the firm

  • Leading the end to end solution design and data architecture for key company initiatives.

  • Contributing to or leading definition of standards, guidance, and points-of-view that enable engineers to thrive and cross-enterprise thinking to become the norm.

  • Helping to develop new and revising governance processes to ensure alignment of a diverse set of technology projects with the enterprise target state vision.

  • Presenting architecture and innovative ideas to executive leadership for the purposes of alignment and key decision making

  • Connecting your business and technical insights to develop innovative proposals for evolving Manulife’s platforms, introducing new products or capabilities, or improving processes that benefit the firm or its customers.


What you have

  • Ability to own architecture and influence strategic direction and vision for the future.

  • Ability to analyze the information flow and recommend appropriate technology to support the business process

  • Desire and ability to understand diverse business domains and develop architectures that meet the current and anticipated business needs across a broad set of partners.

  • Ability to evaluate new technologies and know the latest industry trends.

  • Good judgment and the ability to handle high pressure situations.

  • Experience with and knowledge of common data Architecture patterns (e.g. multi-source and multi-destination, Event sourcing, Real-time streaming etc.).

  • Experience with data and application integration patterns (Domain-Driven, APIs, messaging, streaming, sync/async).

  • Experience addressing operational and non-functional concerns (e.g. horizontal & vertical scalability, performance, maintainability, load distribution, resilience, recovery, security and privacy).

  • Experience with Cloud Native (12-Factor) Architecture and Infrastructure Patterns.

  • Knowledge of the enterprise technology space: languages, frameworks, techniques, and industry trends.

  • Ability (and preference) to work in an Agile environment.

  • Ability to devise, develop and apply innovative technology to solutions that would benefit our clients.

  • Refined presentation and communication skills and expertise interfacing and communicating effectively with both engineers and executives.

  • A strong software engineering and/or architecture background is required.

Why Mentor Tech Source?

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  • We have a unique hybrid contingent staffing service composed of domestic and international sourcing
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