Ajit Someshwar

Chief Executive Officer

Ajit is an Indo-Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist and social activist based in Toronto, Canada. He is President and CEO of Mentor. He has a large portfolio of investments in dozens of companies from Realestate to Information Technology. He is cofounder and outgoing Convenor of the Canada India Foundation public policy organization in addition is an appointee of the Government of Canada on the Board for Export Development Canada. Prior to that he was a long standing Sr. Vice President at CIBC Insurance.

As co-founder of Mentor with Michael Groff they had a joint vision of creating a Staffing Firm that thinks outside the box and innovates on delivery methodologies. He strongly felt that the staffing industry was mired in the past and not modernizing their approach at the same rate as other IT Service Companies. This is why he was the sole investor in Mentor and continues to be actively involved in its corporate strategies and finances.

Michael Groff

Co-Founder & President

Michael is one of the founders of Mentor started this firm 10 years ago. He has overseen and built the company from two man start-up to a medium sized Staffing and IT solutions firm with over 500 personnel on assignments with clientele in three continents. He is a positive person by nature with strong conviction anything can be accomplished with the right vision and the right amount of effort.

Michael owns and manages the major accounts for Mentor. Companies that are household names like Accenture, IBM, CIBC and Canadian Tire. He has intentionally left Mentor as a specialty service provider with a vision to be the best at finding hard to get skills globally and offer implementation solutions wrapped around that mantra. Also being insists on Mentor being ahead of the curve in the Digital World we are all part of. His view is that all companies are now software companies, they must be in order to be a part of the new and emerging digital economy.

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