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Cloud services empower organizations to take giant leaps – launching data platforms, automating tasks, and crafting intelligent apps. Harness the cloud's advantages to gain a competitive edge through enhanced efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Mentor Tech Source guides organizations to extract lasting value from cloud technology. Regardless of your position on the cloud journey, we empower you to realize your boldest concepts. From fostering a seamless cloud-driven workspace to designing robust, scalable cloud-native solutions, along with offering enterprise training programs and global support.

Our Cloud Services

Bridging You to the Cloud

As seasoned partners to leading cloud platforms, we are renowned for effective solutions and efficient deployments. Mentor Tech Source brings comprehensive expertise to tackle any cloud challenge. Our global team of skilled consultants operates across time zones, catering to any scale. Our cloud-trained experts bring extensive experience and accolades from the community for their contributions.

Cloud Strategy & Advisory

Customizing the cloud to suit your unique needs, we partner with you at every stage of your cloud journey. From assessing your current portfolio to reshaping your operating model, our cloud experts collaborate with you to refine IT and business goals while identifying emerging opportunities in the cloud landscape.

Migration & Modernization

Navigating the intricacies of cloud migration, our experts guide you in choosing the optimal migration approach for your organization. We help you unlock the business value of cloud migration, ensuring a seamless transition for your applications and data.

Cloud Infrastructure

Empowering your cloud ecosystem requires a robust infrastructure that can keep pace with innovation. Our infrastructure specialists help you modernize from traditional setups, enabling you to embrace an intelligent infrastructure that fuels competitive advantage through agility and adaptability.

Cloud-Native Application Development

Embrace the true potential of cloud by adopting cloud-native architecture. Our skilled cloud-native engineers elevate your business with enhanced agility, efficiency, and speed, ensuring you harness the full power of cloud and enterprise data.

Managed Services and Support

Going beyond the foundational level, we offer Cloud Cost Management and Managed Services to maximize the benefits of your cloud platform. Our comprehensive approach ensures you achieve optimal cost-efficiency and operational excellence.

Cloud Security

Security is at the forefront of our cloud processes. With meticulous planning, we ensure secure-by-design practices are seamlessly integrated into every aspect of your cloud ecosystem, safeguarding your data and operations.

Machine Learning and AI

Witness the synergy of cloud, data, and AI to drive innovation. Elevate your capabilities with your very own Cloud Data Platform and intelligent applications, leveraging the transformative potential of this powerful combination.


Protect your cloud infrastructure with our CloudSecOps expertise. We prioritize the security and operational resilience of your cloud environment, delivering proactive monitoring, threat detection, and incident response to safeguard your data and operations 24/7.

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